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Art, Nature, Sports and Fun Camps
Summer Camps


Kidz Art is proud to present several art, nature and sports camps this summer. All nature camps will be held at The Naples Preserve. All art camps with be held at Fleischmann Park.

Click on any of the photos to go to the online registrations for the City of Naples and Kidz Art summer camps.

Nature Camps


  • Getting to Know Our Animal Friends

  • Birds of a Feather

Art Camps
  • Tie Dye Camp

  • Creative Art

  • Paper Mache

Sports Camps
  • Archery

Fun Camps

  • Card Sharks

  • Old Fashioned Fun


Tie Dye Camp | June 4 - 8, 9 AM to Noon

                           July 9 - 13, 9 AM to Noon



Join Miss Kim in creating wearable art! Each day we will be creating some wild and crazy designs. Spirals, hearts, Mickey Mouse, bulls-eyes, sunbursts and more! We will tie dye several items everyday as well as creating some fun accessories to go with our new fabulous tie dyed clothes. Bring in your own materials like shirts, pillow cases, towels, sheets, shoes, headbands and more. 

Creative Art | June 11 - 15, 9 AM to Noon

                       July 16 - 20, 9 AM to Noon



Calling all young Picasso's! Enjoy creating a wide variety of artwork while having fun. We will learn about famous artist like Mondrian, Matisse, Van Gogh, Escher and O'Keefe among others. In camp we will be creating collages, colorful drawings, paintings, 3 D sculptures, and other masterpieces!

Paper Mache | June 18 - 22, 9 AM to Noon

                         July 9 - 13, 9 AM to Noon



Join Miss Kim in this fun, messy and creative art camp. Be prepared to get up to your elbows in paper mache paste. In camp we will be creating vases, our initials, bowls, hot air balloons, fish, yarn sculptures and lots more. This camp is going to be a blast! 

Birds of a Feather | June 18 - 22,

                                  9 AM to Noon



Join Miss Kim to learn about some of the local birds and their unique habitats. Every day we will take a field trip to explore different areas and do some bird watching. Campers will learn to use binoculars and understand what it takes to adapt to this ever-changing world.

Getting to Know Our Animal Friends

                                | July 30 - August 3,

                                   9 AM to Noon



Join Miss Kim in this exciting camp. Everyday we will meet a different animal friend. Our friends will either come visit us or we will take a field trip out to visit them. you will meet Trooper the Blind Raccoon, several animals from Discovery Reptiles, visit Shy Wolf Sanctuary, Kowiachobee Animal Preserve and the Naples Zoo!

Archery | June 25 - 29

                 July 23 - 27, 9 AM to Noon



Campers will learn the basic parts of a bow and arrow, how to draw, aim and release safely. They will practice shooting from a standing position at multiple targets. Contest and games will be introduced throughout the week. This camp will be taught by an instructor certified in archery instruction and skill development.

Card Sharks | June 11 - 15, July 16 - 20

                         1 to 4 PM

                         August 6 - 10, 9 AM to Noon



Have "Slap-tastic" fun learning how to play over 20 different trick-tacking card games. Each day we will learn a new card game or practice our skills with a card game we already know. We may even have a card tournament or two.

Old Fashioned Fun | June 4 - 8

                                   June 25 - 29

                                   July 23 - 27

                                   August 6 - 10

                                   1 to 4 PM



OMG!!! This is going to be so much FUN! Can you imagine doing nothing by playing all afternoon. Yep, that's right! We will play board games, build with Legos, play with Hot Wheels, giant Jenga, Connect 4 and oh so much more. I can't wait for this camp. It is going to be my all-time favorite and I bet it will be yours too!

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